Tu vida épica

TU VIDA ÉPICA is an essential roadmap for a journey to the center of yourself. . Through the basic rules of your life, the author invites you to ask yourself the existential questions “what is your purpose?” and “how to achieve it?”, guiding you step by step in creating the necessary conditions so that you can respond to them with your mind, your heart and your entire life. In this book you will find practical exercises, poems, exhortations and real stories with which the author has accompanied and inspired many people. As you go through its pages, you will awaken the unique spark that is in you, the reason why you are alive, and you will know in your cells why you are here, what you have come to do and how to do it, so you can give yourself to it just like a hero of the epic genre.

With this practical book you will be able to:
– Discover your unique purpose and carry it out.
– Generate a center of gravity in your life, with meaning and direction.
– Build the interior and exterior architecture to manifest your purpose.
– Create a vision that connects your purpose with your actions.
– Convert the expression of your purpose into an engine for generating resources.