Ready to stop repeating your life story?
Wanting to pursue a life-long dream
Longing to become your best self?
Wanting to pursue career advancement?
Transitioning into a new stage of life?
Looking to grow professionally?
Wishing to feel more confident?
Seeking to leave behind emotional baggage?

…Would you like any of this? If you answered yes, then you’re in the right place.

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Are you enjoying life and just feel ready for a new period of expansion and growth? Or are you going through a transition and feel lost, confused, depressed or blocked? Or are you perhaps looking to nurture your soul, find a clearer view of your path or get practical guidance to help you move forward?

I invite you to start down your journey of adult development, an accelerated path to growth and awakening. During the time we work together, I will provide an intentional, conscious space for you to shape and integrate your life experience in all its dimensions—mental, physical, relational, emotional and spiritual—and identify your natural axis of growth.

How does it work?

Your developmental plan will chart a journey of sustained learning and growth. My coaching is conducted in a relationship of trust and honesty. I will support you and challenge you from a place of unconditional love and respect.

Contact me at for a free coaching session.Together, we will determine which type of coaching best suits you or your teams

You will receive:

  • A personalized plan with purpose and results
  • Regular coaching sessions
  • Resources: articles, books, videos, podcasts, etc.

What should you expect from coaching with me?

  • To clarify your vision while connecting to your life purpose
  • To transform your relationships, starting with your relationship with yourself
  • To improve your access to your own inner wisdom and intuitive intelligence
  • To increase the feeling of being alive and to expand your capacity to embrace life as it is
  • To develop systems that support your life goals
  • To develop the skills you need
  • To learn to withstand higher levels of complexity
  • Develop your spirituality

Symbols coaching

Discover decisive information about yourself and your life moment through a session of symbols combined with archetypes, which will help you orient yourself when taking the next steps or making decisions. Symbols coaching is a revealing tool to adjust the orientation of your life and act from this new space. Virtual or in-person session of an hour and a half.

Individual coaching

My classic six-month program through which we will delve into your personal evolution, generating radical and profound changes that will guide your next decade. Face to face or via video conference.

Group coaching

A 5-to-6-month program face to face or via video conference for teams or groups that would like to grow together. Groups of 4 to 6 people, face to face or via video conference.


The skills developed in coaching are essential for good leadership. For more than 15 years, I collaborate with the consulting firm Pluribus Global, providing coaching and activities to promote leadership and diversity and inclusion.

I am also certified in the Coming Into Your Own methodology and offer multi-day group leadership programs for women.

The inspiration and basis for my leadership coaching are based, among others, on Reinventing Organizations, the Presencing Institute, the Art of Hosting movement and my collaboration with the Engineering Leadership Program at the University of Colorado.